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Butch Dicus brings versatility to his shows every week.  
From nationally acclaimed Elvis Impersonator to
International Recording Artist to Singer/Songwriter, Butch
Dicus' shows provide the client a large range of
entertainment to choose from.

From large venues to small gatherings, Butch Dicus
provides the "big show" atmosphere to include "audience
centered" performances.  

Butch Dicus' tribute to The King of Rock & Roll has
received many praises and repeat performances year after
year.  Over 4000 performances in the last 15 years, Butch
Dicus continues to reintroduce The King's magic and
music to the World.

Butch Dicus' tribute to America's Country Legends is a
highly requested show, bringing back the memories and
sounds this country grew up with.

January 2015 Butch Dicus entered into the independent
music scene with his own music; written, produced,
recorded, and distributed, and in May 2015 sold his music
across the waters in Austria and Australia.

Butch Dicus was ordained on April 2014 and is currently
available to perform weddings ceremonies.

Versatility has always made Butch Dicus' entertainment
enjoyable and worth the money invested.